Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Silver Light of Dawn

I ran across this painting by Dan McCaw and I was of course immediately enchanted. Have you ever seen the sun rising on a frosty morning with a week, pale glow from the cloud cover and cold air? He has captured the light perfectly in this piece.

Dan McCaw, title unknown, from his Facebook page.

Here's another morning painting by him, even titled such. I'm afraid I don't look that put together this morning... or most mornings... but the light here looks about the same. If you can't enjoy anything else in the bleak midwinter, then admire what sunlight there is and wait for me to post up pictures of MY SEEDS WHICH ARE ALREADY SPROUTING! Yes indeed, I am starting seedlings indoors and after only three days of watering and a grow light bulb, they are sprouting.

Dan McCaw,  Morning Light,


  1. Your seeds are sprouting?!

    I need to get on it!!

    Beautiful paintings. I see that light here in Minnesota and then let the dogs in and head back to bed!

    My mom was wrong.. I will never "become" a morning person, ha!!

    1. I'll never truly be a morning person I don't think, but I do try to get up early on weekdays even if I don't have to be somewhere just because I get a lot more done. And yes my seeds are sprouting! I have so very many! A post is following today.

  2. Hey darling! Just to let you know, you won my giveaway (the infinity scarf on you have an email address, just post a comment on my recent post (I will change settings so only I can see it) and I can get it to you!

    Have a wonderful day! Your blogs are beautiful!!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous, thanks for sharing!