Monday, October 21, 2013

Caught in Autumn's Web: Spiderwebs in the Marshes

All photos in this post by me.
I went for a ramble in the marsh, early one morning when the sun was just barely up. Mist rose up from the lake to swathe the small peninsula I was on, and everything was in soft focus, seemingly grey and wet and sad. Yet, if you walked bent over like I did, or crouched in the water weeds, shin deep in in dark, glinting water, you could see bright colors, trembling jewels, delicate line drawings.

Don't be afraid of getting wet; it's the price you have to pay to capture beauties no one else will see.

Here is the first set of beauties I will share with you from my ramble. Delicate, swaying spiderwebs draped over grasses. How I would love to have a necklace of these.

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